A Little Bit of Life, You and Me


This is a collection of poems I have written
throughout the years of my life
and now I am getting a chance to share them
with those who have become
my friends

First things first
~ Words from the Author ~

                An application for one of my Creative Writing Courses
                I took many years ago asked this question:
                            "What do you hope to achieve from writing?"
               My answer: "What I hope to achieve from writing is a chance
               to put my thoughts into words, and maybe to have those words
               help someone in some small way.
               I have given a great deal of thought as to what I could look
               back on in later years. I think I could find this fulfillment in writing.
               I sincerely would like to give it a try."

You, my reader, are the audience I spoke of
when I answered that question.
My goal is now accomplished.

These poems were written for you ~
hope you enjoy the reading of them
as much as I enjoyed the writing of them.

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